Instagram, how to contact customer service

Problems with Instagram? The social network provides a customer service ready to respond to any eventuality. Here's how to contact it

Instagram is one of the most widely used apps in the world. Alongside its ease of use, the possibility of inserting content of various types and taking advantage of the most diverse functions, there are, however, some difficulties related to its use. In some cases, solving them on your own is impossible and you need to contact Instagram's customer service.

The operators can help in many ways. They can give assistance with technical issues, account recovery, copyright infringement, personal data theft, and much more. To help people, the platform provides a number of pages. In addition to the classic FAQ section and automated processes, there is also a competent and prepared staff. Waiting times are not very short: every day the customer service receives millions of questions, but still tries to handle them all in the shortest time possible. There are many problems, here are the most common and how customer care can effectively help to solve them.

Instagram: how to solve technical problems thanks to customer service

Among the many headaches of Instagram, technical problems stand out. Reporting them is easy, regarding both iOS and Android devices. If you have an iPhone, select the little man icon located on the home screen in the lower right corner and sign in to your profile. There, tap the button depicting the gear to access Settings. If you have an Android phone, you'll have to tap the three vertical lines.

At this point, the Settings menu will open, where you'll select "support" and then "report problem". At this point, write your message to describe the difficulty or ask a question. You can attach an image, for example a screenshot with the problem screen. After completing your message, tap the green checkmark. When a disservice is reported by many people, it is brought to the attention of developers and resolved quickly.

How to recover Instagram account

Another common need of Instagram users is related to account recovery. Can't remember your password or other credentials? Did someone steal your profile? To solve this issue right away, you can follow an automatic process. First of all, if at the time of login you have difficulties, you can provide your phone number: you will be sent an SMS with all the information you need. The message contains all the information you need to reset your security key and create a new one. Alternatively, you can access the page: to reset your password by entering your email or username where indicated.

The same page can come in handy to stop an account from being stolen right away. In fact, resetting the password is the first step to take. The second is to revoke access to all third-party applications. You can do this from this page: