Instagram, how to fix comments at the top

You will be able to fix up to three comments per post at the top and the author will be notified of the preference. Here's how to do it

Mark Zuckerberg's company had announced the feature long ago and it's finally here now: we're talking about the ability to fix comments at the top on Instagram. In recent months, the platform has added new opportunities that allow users to have more control over their content.

After releasing the ability to better control tags by deleting unwanted ones or removing offensive comments, now it's time to pin those deemed interesting to the post. This feature could be useful especially to business pages or to those of influencers who manage thousands of comments daily. The former often publish product photos that entice users to ask about the price or features of the item. The admin of the page can pin these questions at the top and answer them so that users can find the information immediately.

How to pin comments at the top on Instagram

The option allows you to "pin" comments posted under a video or image published on Instagram. Once the operation is accomplished, the contribution will be immediately visible by the audience that lingers on the post and will therefore appear before the other comments, regardless of the chronological order in which they are inserted. This opportunity was particularly awaited by creators and companies that use the channel to promote products, services or do personal branding.

But how does it work? Of course, like many other features of the platform, pinning a comment is very easy. First, you need to update the app on your iOS or Android device and launch it. The feature is available for all types of accounts, both private and business ones. To pin a comment, all you have to do is access your profile and tap on the content so that it opens in a new tab. At this point all the available comments will also open. To pin the one you want, just select it and keep your finger pressed on it.

At this point, a blue string will appear at the top of the screen, showing three icons: a trash can (to delete the comment), a cloud (to report the comment, report or block the person who wrote it) and a thumbtack, which is used to pin the comment. Touching the thumbtack a pop-up window opens, announcing the possibility to pin the comment at the top, showing it before all the others.

If you select this icon, the comment will be pinned and the thumbtack icon will appear next to it, telling the public that it has been highlighted by the profile admin. To delete the pin just select the comment again and tap on the thumbtack, a voice will confirm that it has been deleted from those fixed at the top.

Fixing Instagram comments: the rules

The platform has established some rules related to the function, first of all you can pin up to three comments for each post. In addition, the author of the comment will receive a notification of the preference.

According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, the feature will also be useful to reduce the number of offensive comments or fake news under the posts of many companies and influcencers. Often people comment on something nasty and although the author of the post responds and clarifies, his response gets lost in the thread and it's hard to track it down and read it. At the same time, a positive comment set at the top can help create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere within the platform.