Instagram, how to protect your privacy and security

Instagram has recently released a number of tools to improve user privacy, let's see how to take advantage of them to secure your profile

Over the past year Instagram has released a number of tools and features to make its users' experience more fun and also more secure. Changes that have also affected privacy, from blocking comments to blocking views on Stories.

Despite the improvements, the social can still pose a risk to users' privacy and freedom. Fortunately, there are a number of tricks that we can put into practice to improve privacy within Instagram. Let's start with the basics: logging into the social. Using a password is a quick method but often hackers and malicious people easily manage to steal credentials and take possession of our profile. This is a fairly common occurrence, especially for users with many followers. To avoid these inconveniences it would be better to enable two-factor authentication.  

Who sees our profile

Instagram gives the opportunity to everyone to see the profiles of others. This means that when we create an account we will have a "public" profile. That is, everyone will be able to see the photos we post and above all they will be able to add us to their list of friends without asking us anything. If this bothers us just set our profile as private from the account settings and prevent strangers from seeing our pictures. Also, to be added to another person's friends list, we will have to give our approval.

Block Users

To block some users, you don't need to set a private profile. It will be enough to simply "hide" unwanted users. To mute a user just go to his profile, click on the Settings icon and then select the item Block. The interested user will not know about the block. Attention in this case, however, the blocked user can still quote us (using the @). If this bothers us, we can change our username so that he won't see it anymore.

Comment management

On Instagram we can also manage the security and privacy of our comments and those of our followers, or all in the case of a public profile. Since a year on the social you can automatically delete comments based on chosen keywords. An unwanted comment can also be deleted by simply scrolling to the left and carrying it to the trash can icon. On a post we can also disable all comments. To do this we go to Settings, then to Disable comments and move the check to On.

Reporting Abuse

Instagram has recently updated its document on community norms narrowing the field especially with regard to sensitive issues such as cyberbullying, racism, homophobia and misogyny. If we want to report a comment we have to scroll on the text to the left and touch the arrow icon. At this point we touch the icon with three horizontal dots and then click on Report. Alternatively, the social also offers an online form where we can specify in more detail our report.