Instagram: how to tag products to sell in Stories

From next weeks, Creators will be able to put products for sale inside Stories and Posts. Here's how to add Shopping tags to your posts

The metamorphosis of Instagram into an e-commerce platform now seems to be complete. As announced during F8, the conference for developers organized annually by Facebook, starting next week the so-called Creators (influencers, VIPs and fashion brands) will be able to sell products from their accounts.

The experimentation of Checkout will start from the United States with a small circle of personalities, and then expand to the rest of the world in the coming weeks and months. As mentioned, the first to be able to use it will be the overseas influencers, who will soon be able to post branded stories inserting a special tag to facilitate the purchase process of the products they wear and sponsor.

Tagging products on Instagram: who can do it

Currently to use the Shopping Tag on Instagram you need to have a business profile, but this is not enough. You also have to overcome some requirements. For example, you need to have a connected Facebook page and follow a procedure to do the configuration. This detail is crucial because from the Ad Management Panel you manage the campaigns of both social networks. After the account is enabled by Instagram (you need to clearly see the word "shopping" in the Settings), then you can tag products in both normal posts and Stories.

How to tag products in Instagram Stories?

To start you need to tap in the icon to create the Story. After creating it, you need to select the sticker present in the list of features (you can find it along with Gifs, hashtags, emoticons and so on). The sticker can be moved to the photo or video, so that it can be placed right above the product you want to promote. Moreover, you can tag several products.

After selecting the sticker, you have to do the same with the product in your online catalog. The product catalog should be managed through the Facebook storefront, where new products can be added, which can then be linked on Instagram. After tagging all the products in the Story, you can proceed to publishing.

How is the tag displayed by the user?

Each product tagged in both a post and a Story is signaled by a shopping bag icon. Touching it immediately displays a message inviting the user to discover more details about the products on sale within the post or Story. If there should be something that interests us, we will be able to conclude the purchase directly in the app, without having to leave the socia platform.

New: even personal accounts will be able to tag products

Mark Zuckerberg during the 2019 F8 conference announced that soon this feature will be introduced in personal accounts as well, and not only in corporate ones. However, the option will not be open to everyone but only to successful profiles, namely those of Influencers. For the time being, the Facebook CEO announced that a list of celebrities who will be able to preview the Shopping Tag on posts and Stories is already ready. Among them there is also the Italian Chiara Ferragni. All that remains is to stay updated and follow the influencers to preview the Shopping Tag on their profiles and see how it works.