Instagram introduces multiple choice quizzes in Stories

Multiple choice quizzes are coming to Instagram Stories. The new feature, still in the testing phase, is preparing to become the new trend of Stories

Instagram Stories have now become a real must-have for users around the world. After the possibility of inserting Polls, Live Questions and other interactive content, now it's time for quizzes, which allow you to insert multiple-choice questions to your followers.

They will represent a new way to interact, and can be used by both personal accounts and Business pages. As it happens with Polls, the new content can be selected by clicking within the single Story and will be presented as stickers, next to the functions already used: emoji, gif, countdown, music and so on. Although the update is currently still in the testing phase, rumors confirm that the quiz sticker will have a completely new form. Let's see what it will look like.

How do the new Instagram Quizzes work?

At first glance, the quizzes might seem very similar to the questions, which have already been included in the photo social network for some time. In reality, they present themselves in a completely new way: they will be implemented as a new sticker within the Stories editor. The images released by the social network as a preview show that they will be placed next to the current "Place" feature that allows you to geolocate a Story. In addition, those who wish to insert Quizzes will be able to enjoy creating a real interactive game on Instagram: after choosing the question, it will be possible to set the different answers. Followers will be able to choose one of them and find out if it is correct. In this case, a green dot will appear next to the answer given by the user.

Quizzes on Instagram Stories: when will the update be released?

Instagram has not yet communicated to the subscribers the date of publication of the Quizzes within the Stories, but it is probably a matter of weeks. One thing is for sure: the update will be available right away for all operating systems, both iOS and Android, but in order to use it you will need to update the App. We'll just have to wait for the release of the new multiple-choice quizzes and wait for them to become a real trend in all IG Stories, just like it already happened with Music and other interactive features.