Instagram is down May 10. What’s happening

Since the early afternoon of May 10, Instagram has been down and won't let you update your personal feed. Still unknown the causes

Instagram is not working. Those who try to access their account, are greeted by this message "Sorry, a problem occurred. Please try again." The social network dedicated to images has been down since just before 3pm and doesn't allow users to update their personal feed and see the latest published photos.

The problem doesn't only concern Italy but has affected most of the world. On the site, which collects reports from users when a service or a platform is not working, messages have arrived from all over the world: Indonesia, Chile, United States, Great Britain. Anche la mappa presente sul sito di downdetector mostra che il problema ha colpito gran parte del Mondo, ma i problemi principali sono soprattutto in Europa. Per il momento lo staff del social network non ha spiegato il motivo di Instagram down, ma il problema potrebbe essere nei server dell’applicazione.

Perchè Instagram non funziona

instagram-down.jpgFonte foto: Redazione

La mappa del dito che mostra dove non funziona Instagram

Il problema sembra riguardare solamente l’applicazione, mentre l’accesso tramite il sito internet funziona. Ignote le cause del perché Instagram non funziona, ma il motivo sembra riguardare i server dell’applicazione. The staff of Instagram is already working to resolve the situation and within a few minutes the problem will be solved.

Alternatives to Instagram

If you are in withdrawal from Instagram, the alternatives are not lacking, starting from the most used social platforms such as Facebook  and Twitter, where the hashtag #Instagramdown has jumped immediately into the top positions of the Trend Topic. If you were using Instagram Direct, the instant messaging service present within the application, you can use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Although Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are all owned by Mark Zuckerberg's company, the latter two don't seem to have the same problems as Instagram.