Instagram isn’t working today because it’s not letting images load

Since about 3:30 p.m., Instagram hasn't been loading images or videos, either of its own wall or Stories. Possible to speculate an infrastructural problem

As more than a few Twitter users wonder, how come Instagram doesn't load images? Yet it's not the Wi-Fi's fault because all other apps work. In short, if you haven't figured it out, Instagram has been down for a few tens of minutes and no user can explain why. To tell the truth, not even the social network owned by Mark Zuckerberg has released any statement at the moment about what's going on.

Since about 15:30 today, July 3, Instagram is not working worldwide. The malfunction, in fact, does not concern only Italian users: reports come from various countries around the globe, as well as tweets. Given the magnitude of the problem, and the simultaneous down of WhatsApp and Facebook, it is possible to assume an infrastructural problem, which makes it impossible to access the media uploaded on the platform. A problem that is occurring quite frequently from Menlo Park and that many people attribute to Facebook's attempt to incorporate in a single service all its social networks. The technicians of the company of Mark Zuckerberg, however, are already working to try to solve the fault and already in the next few minutes there could be news. We will follow the story and keep you updated.

Instagram goes down July 3, 2019, what we know so far

As mentioned, it is possible to trace the problem of Instagram to infrastructural causes. Several clues lead in this direction. First of all, the simultaneous down of WhatsApp and Facebook, also struggling with malfunctions regarding the loading of multimedia files. Secondly, there are all the various precedents that have involved the three services that are headed by Mark Zuckerberg. In March and April, in fact, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook were blocked by common problems, related to an error in the configuration of the servers.

A similar problem may have recurred today, July 3, with Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp not going. Given the nature of the problem (images, videos and voice notes won't download), it's likely that it all depends on some malfunction of Facebook's CDN, i.e. the network of servers that are responsible for distributing media content around the world. As said, the story is in full evolution and could be resolved in a matter of minutes or continue for hours.

Update at 01:00 on July 4. WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook issues are finally resolved.