Instagram, la funzione che tutti attendono è sempre più vicina

La tanto attesa funzione di Instagram per pubblicare i propri post anche dalla versione desktop per PC dell'app sembra essere sempre più vicina: le ultime novità


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Pubblicare un post su Instagram da PC sta per diventare realtà. The social network is testing in these hours the new feature that will soon allow all its members to do so from the browser of their computer or laptop, without having to face the constraint of the smartphone as it still happens today.

The confirmation comes from a more than reliable source, that is the Facebook spokeswoman Christine Pai, after the feature had been identified by the social media consultant Matt Navarra. The communication was published by Bloomberg after the publication of some screenshots on Navarra's Twitter profile. The images showed the screens related to the sharing process, activated by the platform while browsing from a computer. At first glance, everything seems to remind us of what we've already seen on the app available for cell phones and tablets, for an almost mirror-like experience between the different devices.

Post Instagram from the computer, how it works

From the two Instagram snapshots we can see how from the browser it will be possible to modify the parameters of the photos, just like what normally happens from the app. You'll be able to choose the size of the photo and any cropping in square, portrait and landscape format, and then apply the filters on the app made available.

Already in these hours you can connect to the site to read in the top right area the words "Now you can create and share posts directly from your computer." If you are among those who can already take advantage of the process, simply click on the "+" icon in the group next to the personal image to be able to proceed with the changes that lead to the final publication, complete with caption, geolocation, space for accessibility and advanced settings.

Instagram, why interaction from the computer is important

For Instagram this is another step forward in a long race that began in the early stages of the pandemic, in April 2020. The first milestone was private messages - or DMs - from desktops and web browsers. The novelty, according to social analyst Yorgos Askalidis, has led to an increase in the use of the platform in time slots and days when previously the presence was lower, thus bringing out the importance of interaction from the computer.

If at first Instagram represented only a meeting point for image sharing, over time - Askalidis pointed out - it has turned into a complete tool, capable of serving as a springboard for the promotion of business services as well as a showcase for creators.