Instagram makes 3 Christmas gifts to its users

Three gifts that Instagram has thought for the Christmas of its members, already present in the new version of the app coming in these hours: here's what to expect

Also for social networks is Christmas time. Instagram, the platform dedicated to images and videos, is proving it: to celebrate, the app has already ready to pull out of Santa's bag three gifts for its users. We're talking about new features that will be added to those already planned for the near future.

To announce the integration was the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, through a tweet on his Twitter profile. With it, Mosseri has also published a short video clip in which it has been shown how the news works and all their features. There are three interesting new features coming soon, allowing users to count on an even more enjoyable and entertaining user experience during the time spent on the social. Their first names, as reported in the communication, are "Playback", "Reel Visual Replies" and "Profile Embed": let's find out what they are.

Instagram, how the three features work

"Playback", the first of the three features, allows you to take a dip in the past by reliving some moments of your stories on Instagram. To be able to use it, you need to have at least three stories active; in all, the aggregator, can contain up to 10 contents published with this specific format. This feature could be a year-end treat and disappear already in a few weeks, only to return in force at the end of 2022 as a collage of the best moments of the period just passed.

It is instead closely related to Reels, as the name suggests, "Reel Visual Replies". With this, creators have the opportunity to quote questions and comments left by users within short videos lasting 60 seconds, adding their own answers. The purpose, of course, is to create a greater connection between the app's users by stimulating conversation and interaction. In order to take advantage of the function, you can use the dedicated button present near the comment reply icon.

The last one, "Profile Embed", instead allows you to embed an Instagram profile in all those platforms - external to the app, of course - that offer the possibility. In this way, the user can show everyone a glimpse of their presence on the social network, in a simple and immediate way.

Instagram, when will the new features arrive?

Seeing the imminent arrival of Christmas, Instagram is already releasing the update that contains the three new features. Better be careful, though: if "Playback" and "Reel Visual Replies" have been released for the entire population of users, globally, Profile Embed is available - at least for the moment - only for members residing in the United States.