Instagram, new modes for the Boomerang feature

Instagram updates with some important news affecting Stories: five modes for the Boomerang effect and new super colored icons

Time for updates for Instagram. In the beta version of the social application, new features have been added for the Boomerang mode, one of the most used in Instagram Stories, and new icons to identify the different tools that can be used always within the Stories.

The novelties were highly anticipated by users: Facebook had announced them during the last F8, the event it organizes every year for developers. The Boomerang mode undergoes a deep makeover: five new features will be added that will make the videos published on the photo social network unique. There should be a new slow motion effect to record slowed down Boomerang videos. As for the new icons that we will find in Instagram Stories, the developers have decided to customize each mode by assigning a different color. The application will become more colorful, but it will also be easier to choose the feature you want to use.

Instagram: the new Boomerang

It is undoubtedly one of the most beloved video modes of the Stories on Instagram. We are talking about the Boomerang feature enriched with new and attractive options. The new "Hold" function will allow you to add a small pause at the end of each video; the "Dynamic" function inserts a kind of vibration; while with "SlowMo" the Boomerang effect will be displayed in slow motion. Finally, the last two functions, which for now are both identified with the name "Duo",  will allow the user to slow down or speed up the characteristic effect of Boomerang.

Instagram: other news

Still within the Stories, Instagram will offer the possibility to take advantage of Layout, a function until now reserved only for the main feed to make collages, allowing users to post more content in a single image. Finally, new colored icons are coming to differentiate the different modes available in Instagram Stories.