Instagram, photos and videos can also be uploaded from the web

Instagram has updated the mobile version of its site to allow you to upload photos and videos directly from the web platform, even on the iPad

After years of waiting, Instagram has satisfied the requests of its users: now it will finally be possible to upload photos and videos even from the mobile web platform of the social network. Instagram has recently updated its website, not only to update the graphics, but also to add new features.

From today, to upload photos and videos will no longer be required to access the application of the social network from Android smartphone or iPhone. To do so, simply log in with your credentials to the Instagram mobile website. In addition, it will be possible to share photos and videos even using an iPad. The choice was necessary to allow users in countries where the mobile application is not present to use Instagram. But also for all users who have a weak Internet connection.

Instagram for iPad

It will be the first time also for all Apple users who have an iPad. After a long wait now, even directly from the Cupertino tablet, you can upload photos and videos to Instagram. Also because Instagram, in a rather inexplicable way, has not yet made an official application for Apple tablets. The big absentee in the mobile web version of Instagram is the section of the beloved Stories. Also missing are direct messages that can be sent within the app. An aspect that may make sense to help users with weak connections and little storage space, but definitely a serious lack for iPad owners.