Instagram, polls arrive also in Direct messages

On Instagram, the polls feature has been introduced also in private messages: here's how to use it to make chats more interactive

Another news for Instagram: the application updates again with a new feature. After interactive emoticons, songs in Stories and the ability to republish with a touch the Stories of other users now come also polls in Direct messages.

Polls are among the great successes of this last period for Instagram. The introduction of open-ended or two-choice questions has created a lot of interaction compared to the past. Interaction that will become more and more thanks to the introduction of the same function in the Direct section, that is the one dedicated to private messages, which can be accessed by sliding your finger to the right from the Home page or by tapping on the icon shaped like a paper airplane in the upper right corner.

How to use polls in Direct on Instagram

At this point the most curious Instagram fans will be wondering: how do I post a poll in Direct? Nothing could be simpler. It will be a bit like sending a personalized and private story to one or more contacts instead of making it public. It can be a useful alternative if we are undecided on an item of clothing to buy or to put on for an evening, but also to ask for advice on what to do or not to do in a given situation. In short, the surveys in Direct on Instagram are designed to ask for a hand to the most trusted friends without having to necessarily publish a story that all our contacts can see.

The survey can be sent as a private message either in a group chat or to a single contact. Obviously in chats with friends it makes more sense and creates more interaction. To start sending a poll in Direct all we have to do is enter the message section on Instagram, here select the group or contact to which we want to send the poll and then press the camera icon that we find to the left of the bar dedicated to the written text. Once the camera is open we can take a picture and enter the survey through the appropriate label that we will find at the bottom. At that point we just have to send the survey and then read the response of the contact or contacts to whom we have asked the question. At the moment the feature is being released and not everyone has the opportunity to use it on their smartphone. To make sure you get the new polls feature in Direct on Instagram we recommend that you constantly update, from the App Store or Google Play Store, the application.