Instagram prepares two new features to save teenagers

Where image reigns, comparison is the order of the day, with often devastating effects: this is why Instagram is developing two new features dedicated to teenagers

Comparison, the spasmodic search for perfection and the suffering generated by an often unsustainable comparison makes the web the main place for some problems related to mental well-being, especially among young people. Instagram is well aware of this and has recently chosen to take action with two new features dedicated to age groups considered to be at risk.

While, on the one hand, social networks are acknowledged for their ability to reset distances, the influence they can have on the psychological aspect of users is often underestimated. As reported in a post recently published on the official Instagram blog, the head of the company Adam Mosseri has presented two new features daughters of an analysis carried out on the negative perception of body image among adolescents. This is a new step forward after the