Instagram, private messages arrive on the web version

After a long wait, it will finally be possible to manage Instagram's Direct Messages also from the web version. The new feature will soon be available for everyone

Instagram never ceases to amaze and, in addition to the many updates made on the app, continues to enrich the web version as well. Until now, those who checked their own profile - or that of their company - from the PC browser could do very little: they could view the posts of the accounts they followed, their Stories and little more.

With the new update, however, on the Instagram web platform it will be possible to read and interact in private chats, send images and other files, as well as create and manage group conversations. In short, Instagram's DMs are also coming to the web. For the moment, the novelty is still in the testing phase and will be usable by a small circle of users. Probably the initiative is part of a maxi-project of which they have been talking for some time: to merge the conversations present on WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram in a single large platform dedicated to instant messaging.

Instagram: direct messages arrive on the web

Risale just a few days ago, the last update of Instagram: the ability to add filters to videos in boomerang mode published in Stories. Now comes a further novelty, which this time is dedicated to those who use the web version of the photographic social. In fact, very soon it will be possible to chat on Instagram from the computer.

Last year, Mark Zuckerberg during an interview with the New York Times announced his intention to focus on the potential of private messages, but also of group interactions and Stories. The latter were the first to appear in the web version of Instagram and now it's the turn of the chats.

The Menlo Park company announced that, just in these days, a sample of users can use the famous Instagram DMs also from the website: you can read, reply to messages or start a conversation. This novelty winks especially to professionals, companies and influencers who use social platforms from desktop: surely it is easier to manage the large amount of messages from your computer instead of your cell phone, more suitable for personal use. For now, the project involves a small number of people, who will give opinions on the service and advice to improve it. Later, the feature will move to a worldwide roll-out phase, and then be spread worldwide.

Instagram chat on browser: what are the features?

Instagram users will be able to chat using the desktop version, send images in chat and double-click on a post to add a Like. In addition, it will be possible to create group chats just like it happens in other popular apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, which already use a feature-rich web version. In addition, the company pointed out that it will be possible to see the number of unread messages synchronized with the application. If the user gives the necessary permissions, even from the computer it will be possible to receive notifications of new messages.

In short, the user experience from the browser will have nothing to envy to that of the app and will surely be appreciated by the many professionals who will be able to manage messages faster with a large keyboard and screen.