Instagram: the app has problems, what’s going on

The Instagram app hasn't been working for hours: reports from all over the world, but the platform isn't talking

We can't talk about a real down because the service is up and running, but since this morning at about 11 am Instagram has certainly more than one problem all over the world. To be precise, it's mainly the app that's having problems, while the web version seems to be having fewer of them.

The app, on the other hand, isn't: it's constantly crashing and after many crashes the message "The app keeps crashing..." appears. There aren't many reports of these problems, but they come from all over the world. Not everyone noticed the problems because the app doesn't crash right away: on the contrary, it lets us scroll through the feed for a while before closing unexpectedly. A short use of the app, therefore, might not show any crashes. The problems occur on both Android and iOS and at the moment there is no solution. From the Web, on the other hand, videos crash on Instagram, but not on all browsers.

The comments on Twitter

As always happens in case of down or inefficiency of a popular platform, users are using Twitter to communicate that Instagram is down and to look for a solution. The problems reported are always very similar: in one way or another the app crashes.

More than one user points out that this week everything has happened: hacker attack on the U.S. government, Google Down, Telegram Down, Post Office Down and now Instagram Down.

No official communication

From Instagram there is no official comment, in any form. The most likely thing is that an update of the servers or some internal service of the platform is underway, since the problems are not dependent on a specific version of the app.