Instagram, the moderators arrive: what they will do

Instagram is preparing a new tool to facilitate the task of creators, especially during live feeds: what it is and when it will arrive

The last months have brought on Instagram a series of new features, dedicated both to users and creators. And it is precisely the creative minds that the social network has thought for the latest novelty, on which the developers are already working and should arrive soon: this news are the moderators of the live on the platform, a function increasingly required in light of the increasing complexity of the platform of live video integrated into Instagram.

To reveal the imminent arrival of the figure of the moderators on Instagram was a tweet by Alessandro Paluzzi, reverse engineer already known in the environment for other discoveries that have brought to light before time features of different applications. So it becomes clear the will of the social network to offer an increasing number of tools to its top users, those famous creators that Instagram does not want to end up in the arms of TikTok: last month were announced two other innovations concerning video transmissions, namely the "Live Scheduling", for the scheduling of live events, and the so-called "Practice Mode", a mode that will allow you to experiment and refine their techniques before going live and have the eyes of the entire online audience. To these, then, are added the