Instagram, the new test: posts with music

After Stories and Reels, soon even normal Instagram posts will be able to be accompanied by a piece of music: here are the details of the ongoing test

Music is ready to invade Instagram. Although in some countries the social network has already given the opportunity to take advantage of the many songs included in the immense library, now the time seems ripe to take a further step forward by inserting the seven notes in another element from which until now the musical comment was excluded.

For some time now, users of the platform have had, among the tools dedicated to the creation of their content, millions of songs provided directly by the social network. Creators, from professionals to novice users, have carte blanche on their use: with short excerpts lasting a handful of seconds can in fact emphasize both the most important moments of the Stories and, more recently, characterize the Reels shared daily. Soon, however, the same system could also land on the type of publication most commonly used by members, or in the posts, completely revolutionizing the appearance.

Instagram, how posts with music work

The feature that will allow you to publish posts accompanied by music is currently in the testing phase, subjected to the examination of a small group of users around the world. The subscribers involved can find the new menu in the steps usually followed for the realization of the posts, that is images and short videos displayed in the main feed.

If everything goes well, within the section it will be possible to identify and select the song chosen for your content, both starting from the list and using the dedicated search field. Once all the steps have been completed, the post with music will appear, as usual, both on your own page and on the home page of users who follow your profile.

Similarly to what already happens in Reels, in a few taps Instagram will provide the possibility to search for posts published that use the same song. In addition, there is another useful feature: by tapping on the dedicated button, you can proceed with the creation of a new original content, directly using the song you are listening to.

Instagram, when the posts with music arrive

As mentioned above, the feature that proposes the association between music and Instagram posts is still under consideration by the development team that, once the tests are over, will have to evaluate strengths and problems before deciding its final fate; there are many new features on which the social network is working, such as the "