Instagram will warn us when it has technical problems

After the eternal blockade of early October, Instagram is taking action by allowing users to know when a disruption is underway and when it is resolved

After the incredible collapse last week by Instagram, WhatsApp and generally all the platforms of the Facebook group, now the company seems to be taking action to manage in a better way than in the past this kind of situations, which inevitably can occur again.

The Facebook group has sweated seven shirts to reassemble the pieces of the puzzle and put back on its feet as soon as possible the social and those that can now be considered essential services such as WhatsApp. Despite the efforts, however, have passed almost twelve hours from the first reports of inefficiency to the statement with which Facebook announced the return of the emergency. The problem is that not everyone who uses social was aware that the difficulties were worldwide, and some thought until the end that the difficulty could be of their smartphone or internet connection.

Instagram will warn us in case of problems

The confusion of users in front of events of this type (fortunately rare) is also mentioned by Instagram in the blog post in which it announces the introduction, for the moment in test, of alerts in case of other serious interruptions to services. We emphasize, as does Instagram, that the disruptions that will trigger the alerts must be serious, although we do not know what the social means by "serious". Here's Instagram's description of it:

"We're testing a new feature that will notify you directly in your feed when an outage or glitch occurs and when it's fixed. We won't send a notification every time an outage occurs, but the moment we notice confusion among people we'll determine if an alert like this would help make things clearer."

Instagram therefore reserves the right to assess the issue on a case-by-case basis and how much it may confuse users, but it seems clear that it intends to be more transparent with those who spend part of their time on social and out of the blue find themselves ousted, seemingly for no reason.

Account status for removals and deactivations

In addition to this news, Instagram has announced that it is working on a new section called Account Status. This novelty also goes in the direction of clarity and transparency: details and reasons for the removal of a post or, worse, the suspension of an account will be displayed there, and if the user believes that the decision is not correct he can request, always from the same virtual environment, a review of the same.

"We're making changes to make it even easier to understand what happens to your account. [...] We'll start by making it easier for users to know if an account is at risk of being deactivated. Over the next few months, we plan to add more information to this tool to give people a better idea of how their content is being distributed and recommended in different parts of Instagram," the social wrote.

All of the changes will begin testing in November, and will involve a small number of users in the U.S.