Installing apps on your Smart TV from your smartphone: what’s new

Since a few hours you can "order" the installation of an app on your Smart TV directly from an Android smartphone with the Play Store: soon also in Italy

Smart TVs have greatly improved the way we understand television. In the past, people used to sit on the couch and there was no alternative but to scroll through the channels in the hope of finding an interesting program or film, while having to endure the countless commercial breaks without any possibility of appeal.

With the advent of Smart TVs, the situation has changed radically: anyone can be at any time the director of himself and what he wants to see the moment he turns on the TV. And dongles like Google Chromecast or Amazon's Fire Stick TV have expanded this new way of experiencing TV to those who don't own a Smart TV, and perhaps don't have the desire or the financial ability to buy a latest generation one.

Installing apps from the Play Store via smartphone

The news we're reporting now has emerged for the first time thanks to a Reddit user: the Google Play Store now allows you to install apps on any Android TV device via smartphone. Previously it was possible to do the same thing not from the smartphone but by opening the Play Store from a web browser, i.e. from a PC, while now Google is offering this additional opportunity to its users.

As a result, it is already possible in some countries to open the Play Store from the Android smartphone, select the app you want to install on your smart TV, Chromecast or Nvidia Shield TV and order the installation simply from the smartphone, provided - of course - that the app in question is compatible. It's easy to do because, judging by the screenshots that have ended up on the web, just below the Install button there's a small list of devices associated with the Google account on which you can install the app itself: if it doesn't appear, it means that the app can't be installed on the Smart TV.

When it arrives in Italy

For the moment, we don't have any reports about the distribution of the new app in Italy, which seems to be available in the United States and in a few other countries. Google manages via server the activation of this kind of news, not through a software update but through a remote command: this means that, if now it's not available in Italy, anyway it could arrive at any time, and not on all devices at the same time.

In short, it's not easy to "read" how Google moves in the release of these news, so just be patient and trust in the fact that almost certainly, sooner or later, it will arrive in our parts.