Integration between PlayStation 4 and Facebook: the breakup is official

The Japanese manufacturer has decided to discontinue support for the social network app due to issues related to the processing of user data

For the past few days, reports of malfunctioning of the Facebook app for PS4 have grown exponentially. In particular, gamers all over the world seem to be unable to share news, updates and achievements on their Facebook profiles.

The problem, however, does not concern either the gaming platform or the social network servers. It is the same Sony to explain that from October 7, 2019 has discontinued support for the Facebook app and, therefore, users will no longer be able to publish directly on their profile. In short, even if you bring home some Fifa 20 or PES 20 trophies you won't be able to let your friends know.

Playstation 4: farewell to Facebook

Yes. Users will no longer have the ability to link their Facebook account to their PlayStation Network account. This means that all previously available tools and features will be "disabled". For example, you won't be able to share videos and pictures of your encounters and gaming challenges, and you won't be able to import your friends list from Facebook, making it easier to find friends on the PlayStation Network.

According to the Japanese electronics giant, the decision to stop supporting Facebook is linked to concerns about how Mark Zuckerberg's social network might use users' personal data. For this reason, the Facebook API has been removed from the source code of the PlayStation 4 firmware, making one's profile "unreachable".

PS4: update coming

Sony, moreover, has confirmed the imminent release of the new PlayStation 4 firmware. Version 7.0 will introduce a number of interesting new features, starting from doubling the number of players that can be invited to a party to the chat transcript. There will also be an improved audio quality and the resolution of a series of problems related to conectivity.