Intel’s eyes will monitor the Veneto Highways

Intel turns on Mobileye's sensors on the Veneto highways: they will monitor the conditions of the sections of Concessioni Autostradali Venete.

Intel and Autostrade Venete together for road monitoring based on artificial intelligence. In fact, an agreement has been signed between Mobileye, a company belonging to the US multinational specializing in autonomous driving, and CAV-Concessioni Autostradali Venete that will allow to keep under control the routes, checking the state of the infrastructure and much more.

For the entire testing phase, the collaboration provides for the observation of the Passante di Mestre, a section belonging to the A4, and the Mestre ring road through some vehicles equipped with special technologies and detection sensors made by Mobileye. The fulcrum of the monitoring, in addition to the conditions of the road surface and the infrastructure as a whole, is also the presence of any cyclists or pedestrians in the road area of reference. All of this is aimed at providing an increasingly favourable and safe service for motorists who use the routes for their daily journeys.

Intel and Autostrade Venete, what are the data for

Once recorded by the sensors placed on the cars, the data are transferred to the Mobileye 8 Connect platform. The data is then made available to highway managers, utilities and other types of operators who can use it to carry out their own analysis and improve the service offered.

After being uploaded to the cloud system, the data is catalogued in order to have a complete picture of the road situation in the monitored area. In addition, thanks to the artificial intelligence-driven system, the information can be exploited in real time to detect the possible presence of dangerous elements on the road, allowing rapid and targeted interventions in the field.

Intel and Autostrade Venete, technology improves the service

The system, studied by the subsidiary of Intel and CAV, would allow for optimal management of traffic flow on the road network surrounding the metropolitan area of the city of Venice. Satisfied with the operation is Ugo Dibennardo, CEO of CAV-Concessioni Autostradali Venete: "We are very pleased with this collaboration, the first step towards an agreement with a high-profile company like Mobileye, able to support us in the path of technological growth applied to infrastructure management, predictive maintenance, mobility, road safety and autonomous driving".

Lior Sethon, Vice President & Deputy General Manager, Intelligent Mobility Solutions Division, Mobileye, also emphasized the importance of the partnership, which, with constant monitoring, allows to keep the level of service offered high: "The agreement is of strategic importance for Mobileye and Intel, as it marks the start of a collaboration aimed at using advances in artificial intelligence to improve highways, arteries that play a key role in national and international transportation. It is the first agreement of its kind that we have signed with a highway concessionaire, in an area where our data-driven technological innovation can bring real benefits to all travelers."