Intesa Sanpaolo app and home banking not working. What’s happening

Since about 8 p.m. on May 1, the credit institution's digital services are down again. Little is known about the causes yet, but there could be a lead

Still problems for Intesa Sanpaolo's IT services. After last week's malfunctions, which lasted for several days, the home banking and the app of the first Italian banking group are not working again. Since about 8 p.m. on May 1, the bank's users have started to report the inability to access their online current accounts.

Nothing new under the sky, according to the comments of the bank's customers themselves. In fact, the problems are the same as last week: last week's intervention seemed to have been decisive, but it clearly wasn't. On the possible causes there is the most absolute secrecy, even if the technicians of the bank are already working to restore the services as soon as possible.

Intesa Sanpaolo, services down: what we know so far

As mentioned above, the real causes that are causing problems after problems to the technicians of the bank in Turin are still unknown. It is possible to speculate, however, that there is a connection with some structural changes that, in a month's time, will affect the functioning of Intesa Sanpaolo's home banking services. As of June 4 this year, users will no longer have to use the key to generate disposable access codes, but everything will go through the smartphone. Probably, the implementation of this new functionality is causing some compatibility problems with other softwares or with some "pieces" of the technological infrastructure of the Piedmontese banking group.