IOS 11, 10 things to try as soon as installed

Apple with the new operating platform iOS 11 has improved several features, here are the best ones to try on our iPhone or iPad

iOS 11, is available now for all users of the bitten apple.Although it is not an update that profoundly changes the functionality of the mobile operating system, iOS 11 brings with it some important innovations that will improve what is already offered to users.

The most interesting new feature is definitely the support for applications made through ARKit, the platform produced by Apple to help software houses to develop apps for augmented reality. Do not underestimate the commitment of the Cupertino company regarding privacy and security of personal data: thanks to some new features, it will be even more difficult for attackers to steal valuable information. These are just some of the new features that Apple has introduced in the mobile operating system update: Here are the 10 things to do as soon as you install iOS 11.

Control Center

The update of the Cupertino's mobile operating system has revamped the Control Center. It's been completely redesigned so that you can find all the information you need on one screen instead of scrolling across two or three panels. And it has been augmented with new functions and widgets.The new Control Center focuses heavily on customization. For example, we'll be able to change the airplane mode with two taps so that the next time we activate it, the Bluetooth headset won't disconnect. A very convenient solution for those who travel often. We'll also be able to set up the Apple TV remote in the Control Center so that we have everything at our fingertips.

The new notifications

Nowadays notifications risk clogging up the user experience. Between social networks, apps, and programs, it's easy to receive too many messages and too much information, sometimes even useless information. That's why on iOS 11 you can manage all incoming notifications with just a few taps. With a touch we can delete all of them, or by scrolling we can select and display only those that interest us. To find a flaw it must be said that it still lacks the grouping by themes or app notifications, as it happens instead on Android. In addition, on iOS 11 using Face ID we can view the previews only with our face. In practice, new messages don't automatically trigger the phone, but if we look at the screen it turns on and gives us a full report of the latest incoming notifications.

New File System

In iOS 11, the File app has also been improved. It's basically a useful tool to check all the documents we have saved, including on iCloud and other associated devices. Up to here, everything seems the same as in the past and instead on iOS 11 Apple allows you to manage even documents saved on third-party cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Dragging Icons

On iOS 11 we just need to press an app icon to drag it on the screen and manage our home page in seconds. And we'll be able to do the same in the Files folder as well. This way reorganizing all the most important documents will be a breeze. At the moment, however, this feature is only available on iPad and not iPhone.

Multitasking iPad

Always talking about iOS 11 and iPad it must be said that now the multitasking function has been greatly improved. While on iPhone for the moment it has remained almost unchanged. On iPad we will now be able to open two or more apps in unison and use them together to work or design.


The personal assistant from Apple's home has received several criticisms in the past for its reliability. That's why on iOS 11 Apple decided to improve it. Starting with the voice, which now sounds much more natural and much less robotic. Still the most important improvements for Siri have to come but already now the voice assistant can translate from English to Chinese, Spanish, French, German or Italian. And the keyboard feature has also been implemented so you can type to Siri without having to speak.

Take a screenshot

On iOS 11 managing screenshots will be a lot more fun. Once we get the preview of the screen we can click on the icon at the top that identifies the screenshot and apply filters, write on it or use stickers. If we use an iPad this new feature is compatible with the Apple Pencil.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality on iOS 11 promises to be the most interesting new feature. From games to navigation. There are several aspects of the user experience that will be radically changed by this new technology. Meanwhile, thanks to ARKit, iPhone users will be able to experience a graphic adventure inspired by the TV series The Walking Dead or navigate through maps with information about places in AR. And the best is yet to come.

New Live Photos

Live Photos, or the animated GIF-like shots we can take with iPhone, have been made more complete with the update to iOS 11. We will have new features, such as the boomerang (already made famous by Instagram stories) or time lapse.

New design

The App Store has undergone a deep redesign and are also added a new section, called Today, which provides guidance and advice on the latest apps uploaded.