IOS 12, when it comes out and the expected new features

Quality and stability. These will be the two factors kept in mind by Apple for the development of iOS 12, the new version of the mobile operating system that will debut in September at the same time as the new 2018 iPhone X models. The Cupertino-based company has also changed its strategy: new features will be developed within a two-year span and not one. This is to decrease the probability of bugs and errors.

After some problems encountered in the last versions of iOS, with features released despite the presence of bugs, Apple decided to give more time to its developers to implement with greater care the new features of the mobile operating system. But not for this reason iOS 12 will be a "minor" update: new features will be released, although the focus will be mainly on the stability of the mobile operating system. This change of strategy has been anticipated by the Bloomberg online site, which reported internal sources in the Cupertino company.

More time, more quality

Some problems found in the latest versions of iOS must have made Apple think twice. So you can explain the decision to give more time to its developers to implement new features that will improve the mobile operating system. While in past years each new feature announced during the WWDC (the conference for developers that Apple organizes every year in June and shows the new operating systems that will be released in September) had to be present at the release of the new version of the OS, even at the cost of accelerating the work of programmers and go meet possible bugs, from this year developers will have two years of time. A choice designed to improve the quality and stability of the Cupertino company's mobile operating system. One of the secrets of the iPhone's success is linked to the stability of iOS and losing this feature would create a huge damage to the company. The new strategy will start with iOS 12 and will be refined as the years go by.

The new features present in iOS 12

Few but significant innovations present in iOS 12. After many announcements, the first apps developed by third parties will be released that will work on iPhone, iPad and Mac and will allow for better device management. Among these apps should be the Home app to manage smart home devices. For parents, a new parental control will be integrated that will make available the times when their children use the devices. News also with regard to Animoji, the augmented reality emoticons that will make their debut on the iPad (possible launch of a new model with FaceID) and can also be used with FaceTime (Apple's application to make video calls). As for augmented reality, online multiplayer will be implemented in games developed with ARKit. The Stock Exchange app will be redesigned, while new options will be added to the Do Not Disturb feature in order to better manage calls to be rejected.

The new iOS 13 features

Thanks to the two-year schedule, you can also know in advance what we should see in iOS 13 in two years. The update will be mainly dedicated to the iPad, hoping to improve its functionality and use it instead of a laptop. Among the new features will be the ability to open more than one window within a single app (a bit of what already happens with browsers) and you will be able to split the screen in half with two tabs of the same app.

When iOS 12 comes out

iOS 12 will be announced during WWDC 2018 (Worldwide Development Conference) that usually takes place in June. It will be released in mid-September.