IOS 13.4, problems with iPhone update

IOS 13.4 has problems with VPN and the "+" symbol. Apple is already working to fix them as soon as possible. Here's what's going on

Here we go again. Even the new update to iOS 13.4, besides introducing new and interesting features, has a number of bugs promptly reported by iPhone users. Problems that, apparently, Apple has already declared to correct shortly with the release of a new update, iOS 13.4.1.

The biggest problem was reported by the well-known American magazine Forbes, which identified a worrying bug that would allow data to remain accessible using VPN. Specifically, information contained on the iPhone such as media files, contacts and, most seriously, passwords, could be accessible to digital attackers who could bypass the blocking of a connection with the VPN enabled. Which basically defeats the main function of the VPN, which is to protect users' personal data when they access the Web.

The flaws in the new update

iOS 13.4 made its debut a few days ago, but users are already starting to report the first problems. The most serious one concerns the VPN malfunction that apparently doesn't protect users' data while surfing online. A malfunction that had already been reported in the past to Apple and that now the developers are ready to fix with a patch ad hoc.

Another strange error reported by users is related to the "+" sign that, after being typed in the field reserved for Google search is automatically deleted and replaced by a space. Strangely enough, this bug occurs only on the Mountain View search page, while on other search engines it does not happen. An annoying error that happens when, for example, you make a search with a word that includes the "+" as, for example, is happening these days with "Disney +", the new streaming video platform of Disney.

iOS 13.4: what's new

The new version of the operating system iOS 13.4 introduces several new features. Finally, Apple has added trackpad and mouse support for iPad, not only for the latest models equipped with LiDAR scanner, but also for some devices belonging to previous generations. In this way, it is possible to use the tablet of the bitten apple as if it were a laptop through the use of gestures, or using the pointer. The importance of this update lies in the fact that not only keyboards and mice made by the Cupertino company will be supported by this new feature, but also USB mice and Bluetooth keyboards from third parties.

The update has also made new Memoji available, optimized the interface and controls in Mail, as well as increased new features in the File app to restrict and manage access, edit files and shared folders.