IOS 13.5.1, problems with iPhone battery life

Many users report problems with iOS 13.5.1: the battery lasts much less and the smartphone overheats

It is not a lucky release, indeed it is very unlucky, the version 13.5 of iOS. The mid-career redesign of the thirteenth edition of Apple's mobile operating system for iPhones continues to have several bugs and problems. The latest have popped up since the upgrade, in early June, to version 13.5.1.

The reported problems involve abnormal battery consumption and unwarranted overheating of the phone, even when the iPhone is apparently not doing anything. In reality, however, it's only an appearance, because the bug is all in the management of background apps: every now and then someone inexplicably remains active and consumes a large amount of energy and, consequently, causes the phone to overheat. In the meantime, however, those who have this problem can implement a trick to solve it temporarily.

iOS 13.5.1: how to fix battery issue

The first step to fix abnormal battery consumption and overheating issues on iOS 13.5.1 is to make sure they're caused by some background app crashing. You need to go to Settings > Battery > Show Activity and check if one or more apps have intense background activity. A few minutes of activity every now and then may be fine, but if we see that in an hour the app stays active in the background for over 30 minutes, and that this is frequent, then it's clear that there's a problem. At this point we need to pin down the names of the apps that are stressing the iPhone and go and disable them from Settings & General & Update background apps.

iOS 13.5: other issues

Amnormal battery consumption is just the latest of the problems reported by iPhone users who have updated their phones to iOS 13.5 or later. Other reported problems include some apps closing abruptly, other apps not opening, many apps being asked to update for no apparent reason, and several MP3 music file playback errors.

Remember that among the new features brought by iOS 13.5 is the new contact tracing system developed in conjunction with Google, which must be activated if you want to use the Immuni app. In this case it will be kept constantly activated Bluetooth LE and this, indirectly, will cause a physiological increase in battery consumption of the iPhone.