IOS 13, problems with Instagram: what’s happening

With the arrival of the new operating system for iPhone, many users complain about several issues with Instagram. The problem should be fixed soon

Every new version of mobile operating systems, whether from Apple or Google, can bring some small or big problems with apps that until the day before worked perfectly. This is what is happening to the Instagram app, which on iOS 13 seems to have several problems.

According to several reports made by users, after the update to iOS 13 in many cases you can no longer hear the audio of Instagram stories. This happens especially if the vibration button is activated. In other cases, freezes and crashes of the application have also been reported, which becomes practically unusable. These problems might be solved by themselves with the imminent arrival of iOS 13.1, but in such cases you usually need the intervention of the developer of the single app with problems: the most likely reason for Instagram's malfunction on iOS 13 is in fact a small incompatibility with some parts of the new operating system.

IOS 13 problems: the role of developers

Apple itself is fully aware of the fact that on iOS 13 some apps don't work as well as before. There is no shortage, for example, of reports of problems with many apps when the new Dark Mode is activated. But the problems must be solved by the developers: in fact, Apple obliges all those who publish apps on the App Store to update every published app and make it fully compatible with iOS 13 by April 2020. In reality, users won't have to wait that long to see Instagram's audio issues resolved on iOS 13: this app, like a bit of all social network apps, are updated on a regular basis even several times a month.

IOS 13 issues: check for updates

In the coming weeks, then, a long series of updates is expected for all the most important and popular apps. Owners of an iPhone running iOS 13, for this reason, would do well to keep an eye on the updates section of the App Store (top right): as developers release new iOS 13-compatible apps, users will be able to download them and fix, in this way, any small and large problems to apps that have issues with the new iPhone operating system.