IOS 13, the trick to increase iPhone battery life by 30%

A test conducted on two iPhone Xs , one with dark mode and the other with "standard" interface, shows how convenient dark mode is

Given Apple's recent policy on iPhone battery replacement, which almost forces users to perform any kind of work on this component only at centers authorized by the Cupertino company, it is precisely the battery the part of the iPhones to which owners of these smartphones should pay more attention.

Unfortunately, a way to extend the battery life of the iPhone has been discovered. On the YouTube channel PhoneBuff, in fact, an experiment was conducted on an iPhone XS, with the iOS 13 operating system installed, whose results leave you speechless: just activate, and keep activated all day, the dark mode to save 30% of the battery of the iPhone with OLED screen. Given the way it was conducted, with the exact same activity conducted in dark mode and in light mode, PhoneBuff's test is very reliable.

Dark mode to save battery: PhoneBuff's test

The test conducted by PhoneBuff involved the use of an iPhone XS with OLED screen and fully charged battery. It consisted of performing many common tasks for several hours, such as writing and sending messages on WhatsApp, using Twitter, YouTube, Google Maps and doing very long scrolls. In essence: PhoneBuff made sure that the screen never turned off, to verify the difference in battery consumption between a configuration with Light Mode always on and one with Dark Mode always on. But that's not all (and here's the kicker): in order for the test to be repeated in exactly the same way, it wasn't a human "controlling" the iPhone for all these hours, but a robotic arm.

How much battery you save with Dark Mode

The results, we said, are outstanding: already after the first two hours of use you could see the difference, with the iPhone in Dark Mode that still had 88% battery while the other was already down to 83%. After another two hours of continuous scrolling on Twitter the "dark" iPhone was down to 72% battery, while the "light" one was already at 57%. After two hours of viewing YouTube videos (with the smartphone positioned vertically, so that you could see the interface and related videos below the running video), the smartphone with dark mode was down to 43% battery, while the other was already at 20%. Then it was on to the last test: two hours of Google Maps. But after the first hour and 33 minutes, the iPhone with Light Mode had to give up, while the one with Dark Mode was still on and with 30% battery.