IOS 14 is ready: here’s when it will arrive

The stable version of the iOS 14 operating system is ready and Apple is preparing to release it very soon

After months of rumors, Apple is finally preparing to release the stable version of its latest operating system iOS 14. If the launch of the iPhone 12 will inevitably suffer delays related to the pandemic, and perhaps the models will be launched separately, at least the operating system is already ready.

This 2020 has not been an easy year for Apple, struggling with delays in the launch of its new series of top-of-the-line smartphones iPhone 12. Weighing on the production of the latest generation iPhones were delays in the delivery of components and the Cupertino company had to give up and postpone the release date from September to the period between late October and November. Among the various products coming this fall could be the final and stable version of the iOS 14 operating system is ready and can be installed by those who have already tried the Beta version without any problems.

iOS 14, when will it be announced?

Apple has not yet set a date for the launch of its upcoming operating systems iOS 14 and iPad OS, although both were expected in September. A wait that could be almost over according to rumors from the site Wccftech, which claims that despite the great absence of iPhone 12 at the Apple event on September 15, the unexpected "guest" of honor could be just the final release of iOS 14.

The latest version of the operating system will be native on the upcoming iPhone 12, while it can be downloaded and installed by all those who own a compatible iPhone.

As for other highly anticipated operating systems for Apple devices, times change. For example, for wartchOS 7 for Apple Watch, tvOS 14 for Apple smart TVs and macOS Big Sur for MacBooks, you may have to wait a few more months.

The Cupertino company's developers are hard at work, however, and the different operating systems should be ready by 2020.

iOS 14, the main innovations

Among the most important innovations introduced by the new iOS 14 operating system, which challenges the latest version of Google's Android 11, we definitely find the "back tap", that is, the ability to also use the back of the Apple smartphone to set touches that allow us to quickly access certain functions.

The final version of the operating system will also offer several hidden but very useful features, such as the ability to add captions to your shots simply by using the Photos app, or an internal search bar dedicated to the best emoji.

Finally you will be able to keep apps even off the Home screen, but especially if you are driving and use Maps navigation, you will see traffic cameras indicated as well. In short, a new version full of additional features to explore and which is now almost close to its debut.