IOS 14 official: widgets arrive and the iPhone becomes a translator

Apple has officially presented iOS 14, the Cupertino company's new operating system. There are many new features, starting with widgets and a new app for translations

Apple has officially presented the new iOS 14 and there were many surprises, starting with the name. Some highly credited sources had speculated about a name change for the operating system, but this was not the case. iPhone OS turned out to be, for the moment, just a very well crafted fake news, but it is not certain that in the future Apple will really decide to change the name of the operating system of its iPhone.

The Cupertino company has left a lot of space to iOS 14 during the main event of WWDC 2020, the event dedicated to developers that for the first time is held only online and live streaming due to restrictions to respect the social distancing. There was no shortage of news: Apple has given a nice refresh to iOS by adding features much requested by users, starting with widgets and App Library, a new management system for apps on the home screen. There's also something new for the apps: Translate, a new app for real-time translations, and the Activities app has been transformed into Fitness, with new sports supported.

iOS 14, App Library and widgets

Apple seems to have finally listened to its users and decided to introduce widgets with iOS 14. Those who have an Android smartphone know very well what we are talking about: these are mini-applications to be inserted on the home screen of the smartphone that allow you to access certain functions. For example, the weather widget shows the forecast for the day, while the calendar widget allows you to get a quick overview of the day's appointments.

App Library, on the other hand, is a new way to manage applications: the user has much more freedom in managing them and grouping them according to their needs. Less clutter, more optimization.

iOS 14, picture in picture mode

Another feature already present on Android for at least a couple of years, Picture in Picture mode, which allows you to watch a video in a small frame while using another app, has also arrived on the iPhone with iOS 14. The user has complete freedom to move the pane to any single part of the screen.

iOS 14, how Siri changes

One of the most interesting new features is definitely about Siri. The voice assistant has been completely redesigned to improve the user experience. When you activate it, a colorful three-dimensional sphere will appear.

Siri's functionality has also been improved, as it can now read incoming messages and send them under dictation.

App Translate turns the iPhone into a translator

Apple declares "war" on Google and launches its own app for instant word translation. The Translate app takes advantage of Siri's processing power and allows you to translate any speech in real time. It can also be used offline.

App Clips

You won't need to download apps anymore: thanks to App Clips you can test apps without installing them on your smartphone. You can launch them from Messages, Maps and Safari and install them later. Apps available with App Clips weigh less than 10 megabytes.