IOS 14 revolutionizes the iPhone, widgets arrive: how they work

With iOS 14 could debut on the iPhone widgets: here's what they are, how they work and what they are for

Even Apple, every so often, takes inspiration from competitors: with iOS 14 could arrive in fact of the new widgets that we can place where we prefer in the Home of the iPhone, a bit 'as it happens for years on Android. Currently available on iPadOS, the widgets are however fixed on Apple's tablets.

The new widgets, therefore, will be "real" widgets that can be placed wherever you want. It's not sure yet if this feature will debut on iOS 14: at the moment it's just an indiscretion posted on Twitter by @DongleBookPro, an account that often publishes internal Apple images. But this indiscretion matches what 9to5Mac discovered among the lines of code of the iOS 14 beta: a new set of wallpapers coming to iOS, which also reveal a new setting of the iPhone Home. These wallpapers won't be fixed but dynamic and are managed by the SpringBoard app.

Widgets on iOS 14: what will they look like?

It's unlikely that Apple will just copy the widgets already extensively tested on Android, much more likely it will give its interpretation of what a widget is and how to exploit it. On Android, widgets are nothing more than small windows to be placed on the smartphone's homepage to quickly display information from an app or website. There is for example a huge category of weather widgets, which show some information chosen by the user such as temperature, humidity or the probability of rain. There are endless clock widgets, allowing you to choose between analog or digital clocks, with or without a calendar attached.

Widgets on iOS will certainly be mobile, and it's likely that on iOS 14 you'll be able to set a background for the unlock screen and a different one (or the same but blurred) for the home screen to make the screen more readable.

Widgets on iOS 14: will they really come?

The real doubt, however, is whether these widgets will really come with iOS 14 or if we have to wait for future versions of Apple's mobile operating system. Not only Apple, but also Google, Microsoft and many other software houses include in the code of their betas many features that are then removed from the final versions of the operating system. For sure Apple is testing mobile widgets on iOS, when they will arrive is not certain though.