IOS 14, what are widgets and how they change the iPhone

The rumors about the possible arrival of widgets on iOS 14 are becoming more and more frequent. Here's what they are and how they work

For a few months now, there has been talk of the possible arrival of widgets on the iPhone: Apple would plan to include them in iOS 14. Since this news circulates in many people wonder how these widgets will be, since for over a decade Apple has refused to use this solution typical of Android.

There is no official response to this question from Apple, which actually has not even confirmed or denied the arrival of widgets on iOS 14. But now there's a first hypothesis thanks to a concept video by designer Aleksey Bondarev, which has been relaunched on Twitter by well-known leaker Ben Geskin. In the video in question you can see a possible hypothesis of iOS-style widget that, to tell the truth, is not so different from what we have already seen on Android. A widget, after all, is a widget. Otherwise it would be something else. Finally, one wonders on what information the designer has created this concept: it could all be the result of his invention, but perhaps it is not at all.

Widgets on iOS 14: what they will look like

In Bondarev's interpretation, there is a lot of dynamism in iOS widgets: the designer imagines that an app can be turned into a widget with a tap and be parked on the Home, while remaining at least partly still interactive. Such a solution would be useful on iOS, given that Apple's mobile operating system has never excelled in multitasking (in fact practically absent, if compared to Android). According to Bondarev, the widgets would be added to the app icons already on the Home screen, but this could lead to a problem of further overcrowding on the Home screen, since on iOS apps are all crammed into the Home screen.

Windgets on iOS 14: are they coming or not?

Of course, all this is pure speculation of a designer, but the issue should also be analyzed in the light of a recent indiscretion published by Vice: since February, a fairly complete pre-release of iOS 14 would run among bloggers, cybersecurity companies and even hackers. There would be several, therefore, to have already seen a first taste of iOS 14 and this also explains why so many rumors in such a short time. Even the one about widgets could therefore be more than an indiscretion, but it's still early to say for sure.