IPad Air 2020, top features and mini price

Apple is working on a new low-cost iPad Air with an excellent price-quality ratio: expected by the end of the year, it could cost less than 400 euros

A mini price for top features: this is the compromise that Apple has reached in the realization of its iPad Air. After years of producing and selling only top of the range phones, Apple launched its "low-cost" iPhone SE and now seems to want to follow the same strategy with a cheaper iPad Air tablet.

In the case of the iPhone SE, we can't really talk about lowcost: the smartphone in fact costs about 500 euros, but it represented a turning point for Apple in opening up to a different market and a different clientele. Even with iPad Air, Apple would be ready to focus on another slice of the market, introducing a tablet with a "mini" price of $ 399, about 350 euros at the current exchange rate with the euro in Italy. Despite the low price, iPad Air offers very high features: a high-performance CPU, a 10.8-inch screen and 64 GB of internal memory.

iPad Air, the features

According to rumors revealed by DigiTimes, the iPad Air 2020 screen will be 10.8 inches, so larger than the previous version of 10.5 inches. Apple's tablet will be equipped with a CPU with excellent performance, most likely an A12 Bionic. As for the internal memory, users will have at their disposal as much as 64 GB. These are currently the only specifications available.

iPad Air, price and release date

The new iPad Air redefines Apple's pricing strategy, after the success already seen in the introduction of more affordable devices with the iPhone Xr and iPhone SE. By lowering prices, but still providing the same quality, it becomes affordable for a new customer base. For this reason, the iPad Air 2020 could cost $399, which at the exchange rate in Italy would be 350 euros. Apple could decide to keep the price under 400 euros in Italy as well. At the moment, there is no launch date yet, but Apple's tablet should arrive by the end of 2020. We just have to wait to know the release date and features in detail.