IPad Pro, from Apple coming two models of 10.5 and 12.9 inches

Unveiled on the internet images of the next iPad Pro: thinner side thickness and larger display. The two new tablets will be presented on June 5

Waiting to find out if Apple, as many now claim, will present the next iPad Pro from the stage of WWDC, the conference dedicated to developers that will begin on June 5 in San Jose, on the web pop up what appear to be the images  of the new tablet models.

The "stolen" photos confirm in part the rumors that have been going around for a few weeks and according to which the Californian company is planning to launch at least one iPad Pro without edges. The shots show, in fact, two wooden covers where the side thickness would seem thinner. The images, published by Benjamin Geskin on Twitter, also shed light on the size of the iPad Pro: there will be a model with a 10.5-inch display and a 12.9-inch one. The first one in particular will have the same "measurements" as the 9.7'' iPad Pro, but will support a wider screen, precisely because the edges will be less invasive.

The new iPad Pro

The images, also published by other websites, are interesting because they show the position that speakers, cameras, ports and microphones will have on the upcoming iPad Pro. Both iPads feature two holes for microphones: one is located on the front and the other on the back panel, top center. The location of the microphone on the main side is different: on the 10.5-inch model the audio capture sensor is placed at the bottom, next to the Lightning port, while on the 12.9-inch model it is placed on the top right, above the volume control buttons. As you can see from the photos of the covers, the iPad Pro will also host a space for the Apple Pen.

Will the mini iPad disappear?

The power button will continue to be located on the top, where there will also be a hole for the 3.5mm audio jack. The latest rumors "confirm" the launch of the two new iPad Pro,  scheduled for June 5, but also the exit of the mini iPad from Cupertino's tablet range.