iPad Pro has hardware problems: screen and keys don’t work

New headache for Apple. The Cupertino-based company's Pro tablets are reportedly having screen problems and users are complaining online. Here's what's known so far

Not a good one lately for Apple, which, after being forced to apologize to MacBook Pro users with the "Butterfly" keyboard that doesn't work properly, now has to deal with the defects of the 2017 and 2018 third-generation iPad Pro. Problems that mainly affect the screen and in particular the typing of letters.

Many users on Apple's official tech support forums and other forums around the Web, particularly that of the very popular site MacRumors, are complaining that their iPad Pro screens don't feel the touch when typing on the virtual keyboard. Also, the screen would jerk a lot during normal page scrolling. All intolerable flaws for a tablet that is called "Pro" and that costs significantly more than competitors.

Ipad Pro problems: what are they

On the MacRumors forum, for example, a user who paid a whopping $1,749 for an iPad Pro with 6GB of RAM, 1TB of storage space and iOS 12.1.3 operating system, explained that "The screen freezes. The problem started in the last few weeks and now seems to be getting worse. It reacts as if the screen is very dirty or my finger is not fully touching the screen." Another user, with a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, says he is having problems typing letters, particularly with the "O" that has to be typed several times before the program in use shows it on the screen. This second user, by the way, took the iPad to the service and received a new replacement, which was even worse than the one delivered: in addition to having problems with the "O", he also had problems with the "K". Moreover, when the tablet is turned horizontally, the letters "Q" and "W" are very close together and also give problems. And users are not only complaining on the forums, but also on YouTube where there is no shortage of videos in which users show the problems of their iPads, while other users comment on having experienced the same defects.

Ipad Pro problems: coming fixes and apologies?

At the moment Apple is not saying a word about this umpteenth technical problem on its devices. No official note has been issued, nor is it yet known exactly what the iPad Pro problems stem from. Users expect to receive an apology from the Cupertino company and, above all, a new working iPad. But at the moment there is no hint of either an apology or a fix to these issues.