IPad, two new models could come out in March

Apple would be preparing an event for March dedicated to tablets. There would be two iPads ready to debut, but little is known about the characteristics

Two new iPad models could be the first Apple-branded devices presented in 2018. The indiscretion comes from a French portal that has managed to get his hands on some documents of the Eurasian Economic Union (an organization similar to the European Union of which Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan are part) where there are the codes of two new Apple tablets.

These are documents sent by the Cupertino company to the Eurasian Economic Union to obtain certification to sell devices in the territories of the organization. The files refer to the codes of the two tablets: A1893 and A1954. Comparing them with those of the iPads on the market, there is no match. So it means that these are new models that will be launched soon on the market, perhaps in an event that Apple will organize in March 2018, the month in which usually the Cupertino company presented its tablets.

How will the iPads 2018

Besides the code number of the tablets and the fact that they will be presented soon, there is no other news about the two iPads. But in the last period also came other rumors about the release of the new iPads. For several months, in fact, there has been talk of the presentation of an iPad Pro with FaceID, Apple's 3D facial recognition system that also allows you to use Animoji. The tablet should have the same design as the iPhone X, with the characteristic notch at the top of the screen and very thin bezels. The screen is expected to be 10.5 inches. If "the iPad Pro X" is one of the two tablets, on the other there is a lot of uncertainty about what it could look like. Apple could flank the new iPad Pro with a low-end device with a price within reach of a wider audience. A new iPad Mini, but with a more powerful processor and a better screen.

When will the 2018 iPads be presented

The two iPads should be presented in an event that Apple would be organizing for March, the month in which usually the Cupertino company presents its new tablets. For the moment, however, Apple does not leak anything and has not even wanted to comment on the news from France. Sign that there is something on the horizon?