IPad with an even bigger display: Apple is seriously thinking about it

Apple is seriously thinking about it: the future iPads could have a larger screen than the current 12.9 inches


Veronica Nicosia Scientific Journalist

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How will the iPads of the future look like? Certainly bigger and bigger, at least compared to the current ones. According to industry experts, Apple is setting its sights on some designs that provide for larger displays, which could exceed the considerable size that now touches a maximum of 12.9 inches.

To anticipate the move of Cupertino, was Mark Gurman in the Bloomberg newsletter "Power On". It would therefore be a total evolution that, in any case, would not be destined to emerge in the next generation but that would still require time before it could end up in production, between study of formats and ad hoc construction elements. It is since 2015 that Apple has not introduced new dimensions among its tablets, which is why many are already anticipating a further possibility that could make the smaller Macbooks pale, stopped at "only" 13 inches.

iPad larger, the opinion of the expert

Gurman stressed Apple's intention to take this direction, giving even more value to the opinions of tipsters who in recent months have followed one another on the network. In particular, the passage would represent an even more evident rapprochement between the tablets of the bitten Apple and the Macbooks, considering the gap of a tenth of an inch between the smallest models of the laptops of the colossus led by Tim Cook.

Among the other changes, that we could already see in the 2022 edition, there is the introduction of the rear chassis in glass. This would be a particularly interesting innovation, since it would introduce the possibility of wireless charging. Nothing to do, instead, for the iPad screen: fixed to the already existing dimensions.

bigger iPads, and the others?

Of course, the increase in size would not come without some negative aspects. In particular, a greater encumbrance could turn up the nose of those users who, over time, had turned to Cupertino's tablets in order to rely, especially on the move, on devices that are more compact and usable in every occasion.

And yet, Apple wouldn't be the only one to point towards extra-large screens. Even Samsung is thinking about - or even developing - 14.6-inch tablets that would have nothing to envy to the already large 12.4-inch Galaxy Tab S7. Obviously, in addition to these, there are also other models, larger, which have occasionally popped up on the market, leaving consumers bewildered. If, however, the decision were to be confirmed, there is no doubt that the clash on equal terms will not be long in coming.