IPhone 11, la presentazione in diretta

Segui in tempo reale la presentazione dell'iPhone 11 con la nostra diretta: aggiornamenti, immagini e notizie direttamente dallo Steve Jobs Theater

20:45 Nuova lineup iPhone. L’evento è finito


20:30 iPhone 11 Pro


20:20 – Caratteristiche fotocamera iPhone 11 Pro


20:10 – Le tre fotocamere dell’iPhone 11 Pro


20:05 – Caratteristiche iPhone 11 – prezzo 699 dollari


20:01 – L’iPhone più potente di sempre


20:00 – Caratteristica fotocamera iPhone 11


19:55 – Arriva la night mode


19:50 – Ecco la fotocamera dell’iPhone 11


19:48 – Si comincia con l’iPhone


19:45 – Apple Watch 5 disponibile da 20 settembre a 399 dollari


19:35 – Arriva Apple Watch 5 con Always On Display


19:30 – Si passa ad Apple Watch


Apple Watch

19:25 – Presentato il nuovo iPad di settima generazione


Il nuovo iPad

19:22 – Si passa a iPadOS



19:20 – Presentato Apple Tv+. Arriva il 1 novembre a 4,99 euro


19:12 – Apple Arcade arriva il 19 settembre a 4,99 euro. 100 giochi in esclusiva


19:05 – Si inizia con Apple Arcade, la piattaforma per videogame dedicata ai dispositivi Apple


Apple Arcade

19:00 – La presentazione è iniziata


Tim Cook, CEO Apple

Il grande giorno è arrivato: oggi alle 19:00 Apple presenterà i nuovi iPhone 2019. Secondo le anticipazioni dell’ultimo minuto, l’azienda di Cupertino ha finalmente deciso il nome dei dispositivi: iPhone 11 (dispositivo lowcost), iPhone 11 Pro e iPhone 11 Pro Max. Three smartphones for a complete offer: cheap smartphone, compact smartphone and extra-large phone.

Libero Tecnologia will follow the whole presentation and we will update this article live with all the news coming from the Steve Jobs Theater. Main features, special features, most important speeches, the article will be updated in real time with images of the presentation event organized by Apple. The start of the presentation is scheduled for 19:00 hours and live streaming will be available on Apple's website or on the Cupertino company's YouTube channel. During the evening on Libero Tecnologia will also come out with insights on individual products presented by Apple. In fact, in addition to the iPhone 11 should debut the Apple Watch Series 5 and the new AirPods. Without forgetting the software updates: iPad 13 and iPadOS.

iPhone 11: everything we know

It is the most anticipated protagonist of the keynote that Apple will hold this evening. We are logically talking about the iPhone 11 and its siblings. The Cupertino company will present three smartphones, as it has already happened in recent years. There will be an economic version that will be characterized by the LCD screen and having only a dual rear camera. The other two smartphones will replace the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max and should be called iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Apple seems to have convinced itself to introduce the adjective Pro even in the world of smartphones, after having used it for tablets and computers.

The most important feature of the new iPhone 11 Pro is the photographic compartment. At the back there is a triple camera with 12-megapixel sensors. The second lens will be dedicated to wide-angle shots, while the third will be a telephoto lens. The iPhone 11 will also have reverse wireless charging that allows you to charge other Apple devices. Under the screen will be the A13 Bionic processor with 4-6GB of RAM and up to 512GB of internal storage. For all the other features we just have to wait for the start of the presentation.

Apple Watch 5 Features

The certainty is that the Apple Watch 5 will be presented tonight along with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, but on the features and functionality we really know little. It should be a device very similar to the one presented last year: two models will be available, one with a 40mm screen, the second with a 44mm display. Among the new features should be confirmed the presence of sleep monitoring, so far absent on smartwatches from Cupertino.

How to follow the presentation event of the iPhone 11

As happens every year is available live streaming on Apple's website. For the first time, live streaming is also present on the Cupertino company's YouTube channel. To stay informed minute by minute about everything that Apple will present, you just have to read our live stream. You'll find live updates at the beginning of the article.