IPhone 11, the best new camera features

The photo compartment of the iPhone 11 is the feature on which Apple has focused most: here are the main new features

The new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have been presented a few days ago by Apple during the usual annual event dedicated to the new smartphones of the Cupertino-based company.

We already know that the innovations compared to the previous iPhone X series are not so many, but all significant: in particular, the new A13 processor and the new photographic compartment (both front and rear). These two innovations, put together, allow the new devices to take photos and videos of much higher quality than in the past, putting the new iPhone in direct competition with the Google Pixel 3. As demonstrated by Mountain View engineers, in fact, combining good lenses with a good artificial intelligence (and a good chip that can run it, without slowing down) is the secret to making an excellent photo department.

iPhone 11: new wide-angle lens

The first novelty that jumps out at you in the rear photo department of the iPhone 11 is the 120-degree ultrawide lens. Compared to the iPhone X lens, it can frame an area four times larger and finally puts iPhones on a level with Android competitors (Samsung, Huawei and LG have already been using wide-angle lenses for years).

iPhone 11: Night Mode

The iPhone 11's camera's night mode offers impressive results: with very little light, you can take good quality photos. Sure, don't expect a lot of detail, but at night the difference is really noticeable with Night Mode on.

iPhone 11: QuickTake

The new QuickTake feature allows the user to start recording a video while taking a picture: just swipe the shutter button. This way, it is no longer necessary to exit photo mode to record a video, if we choose to do so at the last minute. Curious that "QuickTake" is also the name of a digital camera launched by Apple back in 1994. A project later abandoned because the product worked terribly and cost far too much.

iPhone 11: Deep Fusion

The Deep Fusion software is the feature of the iPhone 11 in which the new photographic lenses and the power of the SoC A13 meet. Like Google has been doing for some time, Apple finally realized that artificial intelligence can dramatically improve the quality of photos and videos. Deep Fusion is activated as soon as we open the camera app. While we're still framing the scene, Deep Fusion has already taken a series of photos with different exposures, and when we finally actually take the photos, the feature uses the other images to extract the best details and make the perfect photo.