IPhone 12, a low-cost model planned for 2021: features

Apple would be thinking of launching for 2021 a low-cost iPhone that only supports 4G connection. Here are the features and the price

In 2021 a version of the iPhone SE will not be launched, but Apple does not seem to have abandoned the idea of launching a low-cost smartphone anyway. And the idea is much more feasible than you might think. For this 2020, the Cupertino-based company has yet to launch the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, four top-of-the-line models that will differ from each other by the size of the screen and the number of cameras. A feature that unites the four models is the support for 5G thanks to the presence of an ad hoc modem.

The cheap iPhone 2021 that Apple is thinking about will be different from the iPhone 12 for this very feature: it will not support 5G, but only the LTE connection. As for the rest, the device should take a cue from the iPhone 12 in terms of the data sheet, with the A14 Bionic processor and two rear cameras on board. The screen will have a small size: 5.4 inches just like on the next Apple smartphone. Here's when it should arrive and the price.

iPhone 20201 lowcost, the data sheet

A report from Business Insider assures of the fact that Apple is thinking about a cheap iPhone for 2021 and that its name will not be iPhone SE 2021. A smartphone from the SE range is not planned for next year (the version launched this year will have to live at least until 2022), and Apple is thinking of launching a cheaply priced iPhone 12. The main difference from the devices that will be launched between September and October (it seems now confirmed that the release will be postponed because of the lockdown) will concern the absence of 5G.

The iPhone 2021 lowcost, in fact, will support only the LTE connection. A choice that allows Apple to cut costs, but to offer a smartphone with features still very high. On board there will probably be the A14 Bionic chipset with 3GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage and a 5.4-inch screen to keep the dimensions compact. A dual camera with both 12-megapixel sensors will find a place in the back.

How much will the low-cost iPhone 2021 cost

According to some predictions coming from the US, the cheap iPhone 2021 will have to cost less than the iPhone 12 so the launch price will be between $500 and $600. For the release date, the most likely guess is February 2021.