IPhone 12 foldable: how it will look like

A designer has posted on his Instagram profile a rendering of the possible foldable iPhone 12. Here's how it looks like

At a time when all the big smartphone manufacturers are jumping into the fledgling market of "foldable", that is, foldable phones, still no official news has arrived about a possible foldable iPhone.

This last one is Iskander Utebayev, designer of Astana in Kazakhstan, who has published on Instagram with the profile bat.not.bad, a video in which you can see how it could be a hypothetical foldable iPhone 12. It is an exercise in style, of course, and not a product really in preparation in Cupertino. But the result is definitely fascinating: starting from the design of the current iPhone 11, in fact, bat.not.bad has basically imagined Apple's answer to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. That is, a large smartphone that folds like a clamshell.

folding iPhone 12: how it could be

The foldable iPhone 12 made (well) in computer graphics by Utebayev provides a large OLED screen that folds exactly in half. Once the "internal" screen is closed, the external one is activated, which is almost square and with a notch (which in the main screen is not there). But that's not all: this foldable iPhone also has an extra refinement, when closed it opens by itself, if the user moves up a slider on the screen.

Having no engineering limitations, then, Utebayev has imagined the foldable iPhone as a device far superior to the real Galaxy Z Flip: minimal bezels and reduced thickness, along with overall dimensions of the device much larger than those of the Samsung smartphone.

iPhone 12: what it will really look like

The only certain thing we know today about the iPhone 12, which will almost certainly be unveiled in September 2020, is that it will not be foldable. For the rest we have only hypotheses, rumors and indiscretions that speak of a smartphone with OLED screen (across the range: goodbye cheap version with LCD screen) and, perhaps, with integrated camera under the screen (to say goodbye, instead, to the notch). It should be thinner than the current iPhone 11 and, most likely, with a more powerful SoC and 6 GB of RAM on the top models.