IPhone 12, goodbye to the Retina Display, comes the Pro-Motion

For the iPhone 12 Apple is working on a new design for the smartphone and a much better performing screen

New rumors about the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro that do nothing but confirm what has already been said in recent weeks: the new Apple smartphone will be very similar to the iPad Pro launched in late March. This time the rumors have focused on the screen, the design and the photographic compartment of the device. Nothing we didn't already know, just a further confirmation on the choices made by Apple for the next top of the range smartphone.

The screen is definitely the most important novelty. On the iPhone 12 will be present the Pro-Motion technology that has already debuted on the iPad Pro. This is a special system that automatically adapts the refresh rate of the screen depending on the applications used, so as not to consume too much battery. Si va da un minimo di 60Hz a un massimo di 120Hz. Per gli smartphone Apple si tratta di un segnale importante: l’azienda di Cupertino ha deciso di seguire i principali competitor che oramai da diversi mesi montano display con refresh rate a 120Hz. Per quanto riguarda il comparto fotografico, confermata la presenza del sensore LiDAR per gli oggetti in 3D e la realtà aumentata.

iPhone 12, arriva il Pro-Motion

iphone-12-modello-1.jpgFonte foto: Haysan Kaymak

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Sarà un iPhone 12 Pro non solo nel nome, ma anche nelle caratteristiche. Although there are still a couple of months to go before the unveiling of Apple's new smartphones, it seems to be confirmed the presence of Pro-Motion technology on the display of the next iPhone 12. This is the same technology also present on the iPad Pro 2020 and that automatically adapts the refresh rate of the screen depending on the app used. Refresh rate that ranges from a minimum of 60Hz to a maximum of 120Hz. The maximum peak is reached during app scrolling and in video games, where greater fluidity is required, while it decreases to 60Hz during more static phases, such as writing a message on WhatsApp or reading an email.

iPhone 12, revolutionizes the design

The other major change of the iPhone 12 concerns the design. After years of immobility Apple seems to be determined to make some adjustments to the design of the smartphone: the side frame will be made of steel to ensure greater solidity, the screen will be "flat", without any curves on the sides, and the notch will be much smaller, thanks to new FaceID sensors that reduce its size. Facial unlocking that should also be faster than in the past.

How will the iPhone 12 photo compartment

Confirmations also regarding the photo compartment. And again, the iPhone 12 Pro will wink at the 2020 iPad Pro. In fact, the LiDAR sensor for augmented reality and 3D objects will debut on the Apple smartphone. In total, there will be four photo sensors on the iPhone 12 Pro with the other three sensors being 12-megapixel sensors that will allow it to take better images than last year's model. On the iPhone 12, however, there will only be two cameras.