IPhone 12, in the box will be missing headphones and charger

According to the British bank Barclays in the packaging of the iPhone 12 there will be no room for either headphones or charger. Here's why

From the cheap iPhone to economizing on the iPhone is a short step. At least so it would seem to read the news from a recent report by the British bank Barclays on the standard equipment of the iPhone 12. A report cited by MacRumors and that is also confirmed in previous rumors published by the analyst "guru" Ming-Chi Kuo.

The news will not please Apple fans: in the iPhone 12 package there will be only the smartphone and a USB-C to Lightning cable. No EarPods headphones and not even the wall charger, which will be bought separately. A standard equipment, therefore, more than scarce: minimal and essential. After having spent 649-1.399 USD (this is the price range currently assumed for the iPhone 2020 range) the customer will have to give Apple at least 25 EUR more to buy a 12 Watt charger, 35 EUR for an 18 Watt charger or even 55 EUR for a 30 Watt fast charger.

Why Apple is cutting the iPhone

The possible reasons why Apple would have made this choice, which everyone hopes is not the final one, are several. As for the EarPods headphones, it must be said that now almost no one uses wired headphones: either you use your smartphone without headphones or you opt for wireless AirPods (from 179 to 279 euros). So the lack of traditional headphones could be a minor problem.

As far as the charger is concerned, there is certainly the environmental issue: Apple, like all other smartphone manufacturers, sells millions of devices every year and as many chargers that very often are not even used, because the user already has one (from a previous iPhone) and keeps the new one in view of a possible resale of the device on the second hand market.

How much does an iPhone 12 (really) cost

How much does an iPhone user need to buy a fast charger? The iPhone 11, for example, comes with a 5 Watt charger (the Pro has an 18 Watt charger). It is rumored that the iPhone 12 will be compatible with charging up to 20 Watts, so the user if they want to charge it fast will have to buy a 35-55 Watt charger.

If we add the 179-279 euros of the wireless headphones to the price of the smartphone it turns out that, for a complete configuration, the iPhone 12 will cost from a minimum of 860 euros (for the basic iPhone 12, the basic AirPods headphones and the 18 Watt charger) to a maximum of 1,730 euros (for an iPhone 12 Pro Max, with AirPods Pro and 30 Watt charger).