IPhone 12, no earbuds and charger: new confirmation arrives

Will the iPhone 12 box be missing the charger and EarPods earbuds? An Apple survey seems to provide new confirmation 

Apple's new iPhone 12 may be sold without EarPods earbuds and charger. The launch for the new Apple's smartphone is set for next autumn, but in the last days the rumors about the two "absents" in the basic equipment of iPhone 12 are becoming more and more insistent.

In particular, a survey launched by Apple to its users seems to be the confirmation that many were waiting for. The Cupertino-based company asked its users what they do with the charger of their old iPhone when they replace it with a newer model. And it is precisely the answers to the survey that could influence Apple's decision to apply the company's motto "less is more" to the iPhone 12. On the other hand, fewer and fewer buyers are using the supplied EarPods, preferring the wireless AirPods.

iPhone 12, no EarPods and charger supplied?

The first to launch the indiscretion on the alleged choice of Apple to reduce the equipment of iPhone 12 was Ming-Chi Kuo, whose predictions have often proved to be true. So those who buy an iPhone 12 may have to buy separately both the EarPods earphones and the charger.

The decision to eliminate the wired headphones from the equipment, could weigh the fact that those who use an iPhone prefer to opt for wireless AirPods, whose cost ranges from 179 to 279 euros. Reason why few would miss the EarPods in the box of the new iPhone.

By the end of 2020, then, Apple is expected to end production of the 5 W and 18 W adapters, as well as launch a new device for charging 20 W USB-C Power Delivery. Dietro alla scelta di non dotare iPhone 12 di un caricabatteria, potrebbero esserci motivazioni ambientali. Ogni anno infatti Apple vende milioni di device, con altrettanti caricabatterie che spesso non vengono utilizzati, soprattutto se il cliente dispone già del vecchio caricabatterie ancora funzionante.

iPhone 12, il sondaggio di Apple: coincidenza o conferma?

Ad alimentare i rumors in circolazione è poi un sondaggio lanciato da Apple, in cui si legge: "Il caricabatterie USB è usato per la carica dello smartphone attraverso una presa a muro. Puoi collegare il caricabatterie all’iPhone con un cavo di ricarica separato". La società sottolinea che i due accessori sono diversi e offre sei possibili risposte tra cui scegliere:

  • L’ho venduto o scambiato con il mio iPhone;
  • L’ho perso;
  • L’ho regalato a un familiare o amico;
  • Lo uso ancora a casa;
  • Lo uso ancora fuori casa (a lavoro, a scuola o in altri luoghi);
  • Ce l’ho ancora, ma non lo utilizzo.

The answers to the survey could decide the fate of the accessories that come in the iPhone 12 box. This isn't the first time Apple has asked its users for their opinions on products. In the past, the company had launched a survey to MacBook Pro users on how to use the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is still available on the computer. Apple's choice to launch a survey about the charger just now that the first rumors are circulating on the web could be just a trivial coincidence, or an early confirmation about the company's intentions.