IPhone 12 Pro, top features for Apple’s new smartphone

The iPhone 12 Pro could have 6GB of RAM and a true premium smartphone spec sheet. Here are all the specs

Apple is preparing to launch iPhone 12 Pro and the features will be top notch for its new smartphone. Rumors coming in via Twitter talk about a 6GB RAM, versus the 4GB that comes with the iPhone 12. Both models will feature an A14 Bionic processor, potentially more powerful than the A12Z Bionic found on the latest iPad Pro.

The specs were revealed in a mysterious tweet on Twitter by user L0vettodream, who refers to "Professional 6GB General 4GB". Although it's not an explicit reference to iPhone 12, reading the specs it does seem to refer to Apple's smartphones. Then again, a 6GB memory for the Pro version and 4Gb for the regular version had been two widely anticipated features. The extra RAM will serve the Pro version to keep more apps and browser windows open in the background at the same time, as well as making the smartphone perform better.

iPhone 12 Pro, the features

Let's now move on to the features in detail. In addition to 6GB of RAM  and the A14 Bionic processor, Apple's Pro version smartphone would feature a quadruple camera: in addition to the main sensor, wide-angle lens and telezoom, there will also be a LiDAR sensor for depth of field and augmented reality. As opposed to the iPhone 12 which would feature a dual camera system. The iPhone 12 Pro will have an OLED screen with ProMotion technology, just like iPad Pro, which allows up to a 120Hz refresh rate.

The size will be 6.1 inches for the Pro and 6.7 inches for the Max variant. The operating system will be iOS 14 and all models are expected to support connectivity to the 5G network. Both versions would then be inspired by the iPad Pro, as lines for the new generation of Apple products of this 2020.

iPhone 12 Pro, no EarPods and charger?"

In the packaging of the iPhone 12 there could be no EarPods or charger. A choice of Apple that aims now to sell separately the wireless headphones AirPods, also close to a total renewal in design and features. As for the charger, the choice would depend on environmental reasons: those who choose an iPhone usually already have a previous model, and therefore a still working charger. If these rumors were confirmed by Apple, it is presumable that also for iPhone 12 Pro the Cupertino company could decide not to include neither EarPods, nor the charger.

iPhone 12 Pro, how much does it cost and when does it come out

On the release date of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro there are still doubts, but there are several rumors that set the sale for next September. Even on the price, there are several possibilities: $999, $1099 or $1299. Three possible prices to which will be added about 100 euros to the price in Italy, because of taxes and the dollar/euro exchange rate.