IPhone 12, the confirmation comes: goodbye to two accessories in the package

Apple seems to have been convinced not to include the charger and EarPods in the iPhone 12 package. Here's why

September is approaching and rumors about the upcoming iPhone 12 are increasing considerably. Compared to previous years we know a lot more about the technical features, price and release date of the new Apple smartphones. And we also know what we will find inside the packaging of the devices. And the news is not good: there is further confirmation that in the packaging of the iPhone 12 there will be neither headphones nor charger.

This is not news: for several weeks this rumor is relaunched by various news sites. Now a new report confirms it: Trendforce researchers have published an article in which they assure that the iPhone 12 package will not include two of the most popular accessories. And the explanation is quite simple: the presence of 5G on all new Apple smartphones has increased production costs and to keep the price of the next iPhone 12, the Cupertino company has decided to cut some expenses considered less important.

iPhone 12, goodbye EarPods and charger

It's time for Apple to make some important decisions. The Cupertino company is betting a lot on the new generation of iPhone and is trying in every way to keep costs down, but to maintain the quality standard always very high. We have spoken in recent days of the choice taken by the Cupertino company regarding the batteries of the new iPhone, which will be slightly different to lower production costs.

And now comes the almost official confirmation that the EarPods and the charger will not be part of the package of the iPhone 12. On the one hand Apple wants to reduce costs and eliminating the two accessories from the package will have a nice savings. On the other hand, there is an environmental reason: producing these two accessories has an impact on natural resources.

In addition, many people already have EarPods or a charger in their homes and therefore they have become almost useless. With this choice, Apple would also like to push users to buy AirPods and the charger for fast charging, which are not included in the basic packaging of the iPhone.

How much will the iPhone 12 cost

Apple does not want to increase the cost of the new iPhone 12 and according to the latest rumors the price of the base model will be the same as last year: $699. In Italy, the iPhone 12 should start from about 800 euros. The same should apply to the premium model, the iPhone 12 Pro Max. For the best version with 512GB of memory, the price set will be identical to that of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, about 1700 euros.