IPhone 12, the notch will have important dimensions: here’s how it will be

The dimensions of the iPhone 12 notch will not be reduced, but it will continue to occupy the entire top of the smartphone. Here's what it will look like

The iPhone 12 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the late 2020s, and not just because it's the next generation of Apple phones. The reasons are also other and the most important concerns the size: the iPhone 12, in fact, will be the smallest smartphone of the four launched by Apple, with a screen size of only 5.4 inches. Apple wants to relaunch the category of compact smartphones, especially after the good results recorded by the iPhone SE 2020.

More compact size, however, will not mean different design. Images depicting the design of the iPhone 12 have surfaced on Twitter that have caused much discussion. The photos were online for a short time, but some portals still managed to save them to spread them on the Internet. And you can see a very unique feature of the smartphone: the size of the notch. Those who hoped that the "notch" had smaller dimensions will be disappointed: even on the iPhone 12 the notch will occupy most of the top. The rumors that wanted a containment of the size of the notch on the new Apple smartphones do not seem to be true: the iPhone 12 will have the same design of the latest devices launched by the Cupertino company.

How will the iPhone 12

An iPhone with reduced dimensions, but the identical design. That's how you can summarize the data sheet of the iPhone 12, the smallest of the smartphones that Apple will launch in September. If the size of the screen is reduced (5.4 inches), the same can not be said of the notch, the notch that characterizes the iPhone model "X" onwards. Although many had predicted a smaller notch for all four iPhone 12s, it will most likely not be so.

The first "real" images of the devices disprove the rumors of recent months: Apple has not reduced the size of the notch, at least on the smallest model. The amount of sensors mounted inside the notch to make the facial recognition (Face ID) work still need a lot of space and it won't be possible to reduce them.

As for the rest of the data sheet, the iPhone 12 will be to all intents and purposes a top of the line device, with the A14 Bionic processor on board with at least 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The rear cameras will be two, both 12-megapixel: one for main shots, the other for wide-angle shots.

When the iPhone 12 arrives

If for the presentation seems confirmed the date of the first half of September, so it will not be for the market release. Apple itself has confirmed a delay of at least a couple of weeks, with the smartphones coming to market between late October and early September.