IPhone 12 with super camera and other unique features

Apple is ready to integrate a 64-megapixel sensor on the upcoming iPhone 12 to improve image quality. Here are all the features

Apple is adapting and seems to be ready to integrate a 64 Megapixel photo sensor on the iPhone 12. After years in which the iPhone rear cameras have always been 12 Megapixels, the Cupertino company seems to have decided to follow "the fashion" and change its habits. Now all smartphones of the main competitors integrate sensors from 64 Megapixel or 108 Megapixel and it is necessary to adapt, even to ensure shots with very high quality.

The rumors released in recent days speak generically of a 64-megapixel sensor, but not on which model will be integrated. Apple, in fact, plans to launch four iPhone 12 in September, including two models "lowcost" and two versions "Pro" dedicated to a premium market. And these last two models are the ones best suited to mount a new ultra-performance camera sensor. The camera, however, will not be the only unique feature of the smartphone: there is also talk of the presence of a screen with 120Hz refresh rate and the presence of 5G modems. Here's what the iPhone 12 will look like.

iPhone 12: spec sheet

Drawing up the features of the next iPhones six months after the likely release of the smartphones is not easy, especially given the fact that there could be four models. There are, however, some features on which we can already be sure, such as the presence of the A14 Bionic processor on all iPhone 12 that will be launched.

Discussion different, however, with regard to the screen. The size will definitely be different and it should start from a 5.8-inch screen for the "base" iPhone 12, up to 6.7 inches for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. As for the display, it should be confirmed the 120Hz refresh rate, at least on the two Pro models.

Of the photographic compartment we have already spoken. Apple should integrate a 64-megapixel sensor, a new wide-angle lens that captures 35% more light, and the night mode should be extended to all sensors on the smartphone.

The battery will vary depending on the size of the devices. A 4400mAh battery should be integrated on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Sure the presence of the 5G modem on all four models.

When the iPhone 12 comes out

Making predictions now is quite difficult. Apple has accustomed us to unveiling the new iPhones in September, but the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic is putting many manufacturers in trouble. In recent days from the Far East came the news that Apple would postpone the presentation of the cheap iPhone 9 to the second quarter. Initially, the presentation was expected at the end of March.