IPhone 13 will be much thicker than iPhone 12: here’s why

The new iPhone 13 will be thicker than the current iPhone 12, but maybe users might be willing to trade a little comfort for a much better camera.

Better a new and better camera or a thinner and more comfortable smartphone to keep in your pocket? It 's the question that should start to ask themselves iPhone lovers, because the next iPhone 13 that will arrive in the second half of 2021 will have a greater thickness than the current one, precisely because of a new rear camera compartment.

On the other hand, however, unlike what happens on the iPhone 12 on 13 lenses will not be protruding, as confirmed by the news collected by MacRumors. Secondo il giornale online, infatti, lo spessore totale di iPhone 13 sarà di 7,57 millimetri, contro i 7,4 millimetri di iPhone 12. Mentre iPhone 12‌ e 12 Pro hanno dei camera bump di spessore compreso tra 1,5 mm e 1,7 mm, ‌iPhone 13‌ avrà una protuberanza della fotocamera più di 2,51 mm e iPhone 13 Pro di ben 3,65 mm. Oltre allo spessore, poi, anche le altre dimensioni del bump saranno maggiori. Il comparto fotografico dei nuovi iPhone 2021, quindi, sarà decisamente grande ed evidente ma sarà dovuto alla presenza di una fotocamera migliore.

Come sarà la fotocamera di iPhone 13

Sempre secondo MacRumors lo stabilizzatore ottico di tipo “sensor-shift" di iPhone 12 Pro Max verrà adottato sia su iPhone 13 Pro che su iPhone 13 Pro Max. Same goes for the telephoto sensor, which will come on both flagship models and not just the Max.

The big difference in quality in the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max photo compartment, therefore, will no longer be there on iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, while it will remain between the Pro and non-Pro models.

The other differences between iPhone 12 and 13

As far as we know today, from the information that is circulating, from the aesthetic point of view there will be no major differences between the current iPhone 12 and future iPhone 13 apart of course from the already mentioned difference in thickness due to the new rear camera module.

Something, however, will change under the shell with the adoption of the new and more powerful Apple A15 Bionic SoC and, most likely, a new 5G modem. Recall that today iPhone 12s sold in the US come with a 5G modem that is also millimeter wave compatible, while those sold in the rest of the world do not.