IPhone 2019, new images show a revolutionary design

The rumors about the next applefonino continue. The 2019 iPhone X will have 3 rear cameras, but there is uncertainty about their configuration

The anticipation for the 2019 iPhone, already great around the world, grows further after the last two leaked images from which emerges what could be the design of the iPhone XI (or iPhone 11, if you prefer). The leaked images refer to both the rear of Apple's next smartphone (specifically the cameras) and the front (where we can see what the iPhone XI's notch will look like).

The two leaks, however, are very different from each other and it's still hard to tell which design will prevail. What is certain is that the rather uncertain sales figures of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr will lead Apple designers to unconventional choices, hoping to be able to win back the attention of users/buyers.

iPhone X 2019 with triple camera

The first image leak shows a design at the back so original that not everyone likes it: three cameras grouped in a single square element with rounded corners, positioned in the upper left of the 6.5-inch iPhone body. A design that has little to do with the classic style of Apple products and that has raised several doubts about the reliability of the rumor. The second group of leaked images shows instead an iPhone with a much more pleasant design, with the three rear cameras positioned at the top and center of the body horizontally aligned. In this version, the LED flash is circular and positioned outside the central lens, the second of the three. At the front, however, there is a notch of smaller size than before and much less invasive than that seen on many other high-end smartphones.

How many iPhones will Apple present in 2019?

These rumors should then be crossed with those circulated in recent weeks, in particular with two of them: the first, according to which Apple will produce two versions of iPhone XI with OLED display and one with LCD screen and the second, namely that on the iPhone 2019 could debut the 3D camera from Sony. As for the display issue: many think that Apple wants to abandon LCD technology for good, after the cold reception shown by consumers towards the iPhone XR (which mounts, according to Apple, "the most advanced LCD display in the industry"). But according to the Wall Street Journal, the Cupertino company will continue to release smartphones with this type of screen.

As for the 3D camera, however, the scoop is from Bloomberg and this technology could debut on iPhone 11 to solve the well-known problems of the Face ID unlocking system. According to the American news agency, other manufacturers, including Huawei, will implement this new technology on their next-generation smartphones and Apple, which already buys the iPhone camera management chips from Sony, couldn't just sit back and watch.